To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand

To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand

If you’re reading this and you already have created a brand or started developing your brand, you may be wondering if you should rebrand or not due to the new information you are learning. Let’s look deeper into what rebranding means and discover when it’s time to rebrand and how you can go about doing it painlessly.

What is Rebranding?

what is branding

Basically, rebranding is a process of researching your audience, your business, and your core message and working toward perfecting and changing your current branding via your content, your symbol or mark, your voice, your name, and other means to be more closely aligned with your core message and your ideal target audience or customer.

When is It Time to Rebrand?

is it time to rebrand

You should consider rebranding when you realize that you are not attracting the right audience to your offers or you want to connect with a new audience. You should rebrand when you want to bring your branding up to modern times to stay current while reflecting your goals, products, and offers.

Getting Started with Rebranding

to rebrand

Rebranding is not unlike starting fresh, creating a brand-new brand. While you may keep your name and some other elements of the old brand, you’re still going to go through the entire process of branding by starting at the beginning with your name, the images you use, and the fonts and colors you pick to ensure they reflect the feelings you want your ideal audience to feel when engaging with your brand. 

However, the one thing you have going for you is that you have an audience. Because you already have an audience, you can get a lot of feedback from them and make your rebranding efforts another way to engage with and market to your audience. You’ll want to discuss your rebranding efforts with your community in an open way that allows them to give input and feedback.

Getting Started with Rebranding

Rebranding sometimes seems to take longer than creating the first brand. That’s usually because you don’t take it as seriously since you already have a business now. However, if you give yourself a deadline to rebrand with each step you take, you’ll end up with a brand spanking new brand before you know it. If you announce the rebranding effort, it’ll help you stick to your timeline.

You can think of rebranding as a type of makeover for your brand. This works well if you have created a brand persona to help you identify the human personality of your brand. When you know this personality, and what the brand stands for, it’s a lot easier to get the design portion right. Once you get that part right, finding your brand voice might take a bit more time. When you do your due diligence, you will get it right over time.

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