Launching Your Brand is All About Telling Your Story

Tell Your Story

One of the most powerful ways to share information is through telling your story. Storytelling has been a favorite way for humanity to disseminate information since we first came to be thousands of years ago. We have told stories through images, parables, and examples since the beginning. It’s the way humans like to learn, and even in today’s modern age, nothing has changed in that regard.

Launching your brand is all about telling your story in a way that resonates with your ideal customer. The only way to ensure that you do that right is to get to know your customer intimately. Study the data from your competition and study your own data to be sure you got it right and when you know it well, share the story.

Make it Meaningful 

Launching Your Brand is All About Telling Your Story

There is a lot of content out there competing with your audience’s time. Make the content you deliver worth their while. Before crafting one blog post, you should always take the time to research your audience, understand what you want them to get out of that story, and what actions you want them to take after consuming the content. 

Keep it Simple

Your brand story can involve a lot of smaller stories. You may have a long brand story that could take up an entire book. But you want to be able to tell bits and pieces of the story when appropriate without revealing the entire thing each time. Keeping a singular focus will make the story much more meaningful. For example, a product might do all sorts of things, but you need to narrow down the biggest and most popular benefit to focus on within the story.

Ask the Right Questions

As you sit down to develop the content for your story, ask yourself why you want to tell that story. What’s special or unique about it? Can I approach this story from a unique angle that others aren’t that will resonate with and provide value to my audience? What do I want my audience to take away from this content? Write that down before you write or record one word.

Make it Personal

Launching Your Brand is All About Telling Your Story

The story of your brand is personal to you, but it’s also personal to your ideal customer. It’s personal since you improve their lives. How can you improve their lives? How can you demonstrate that within the content you’re developing within the story of your brand? The customer needs to be centric to your brand story more than you.

Bring in Emotion

When you can stimulate an emotional response to your story, whether that emotion is sadness, anger, or happiness, it will make a big difference in how your audience responds. If your words can trigger your audience to feel as if they relate or empathize, you can hook them in a much stronger and permanent way.

Finally, your story should be authentic. It is your story, after all. While you will tell it in a customer-centric way, it’s still your story, and it needs to be honest and give your audience insight into who your brand (and possibly you) really are in an impactful way.

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