Start Your Own Amazon Store With These 12 Amazing Resources

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Start Your Own Amazon Store With These 12 Amazing Resources

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    Thinking about ditching eBay and going with an Amazon store instead? So are thousands of other sellers just like you. Here is a guide on how to open your very own Amazon store and suggestions on courses and coaches who can help train you to be successful while dropshipping on Amazon.

     Start Your Own Amazon Store
    Register Here to become an Amazon Seller

    First of all, after you register for an Amazon store, you want to make sure that you have a good idea to which categories you are allowed to sell in. Finding those categories will help you immensely with product research. The worst thing would be to waste time researching items and then low and behold, you’re restricted from that category, causing you to start all over on your research. The restrictions tend to be different with each seller account. So make sure you also jump on support with Amazon to see which one they are.

    Next, choose a selling plan that fits your budget. Amazon offers two different selling plans depending on your needs, Professional and Individual. Professional plan is sold at $39.99 a month and is perfect for sellers who plan to sell over 40 items a month. The individual plan is free, but there is a $0.99 fee per item sold. That plan helps if you are not planning on selling 40 items a month when you are first starting out.

     Start Your Own Amazon Store
    Amazons Plan Pricing

    Now that we have the preregister information covered, it’s time to get registered. After you’ve done that and you looking at your dashboard you’re probably thinking, what in the world do I do now?? Well, the answer is simple… LIST!!! Go for it. List your very first item!

    Here is a list of videos that can help you list your very first item on your Amazon store

    Now, before you start going crazy with listing items, it’s essential to find a suitable course or to learn from youtube channels on how to do it correctly. Amazon is a selling platform that you want to take very seriously. They are not as easy going and laid back as eBay is. Therefore, make sure you get proper training, or it could be the end of your business before you have even started. Here is an excellent list of Amazon sellers who are running 6 figure businesses.

    Furthermore, with any business, you need to make sure that you are using the right tools to help you be more efficient in your Amazon store. Need some suggestions? Click the links below to learn more about the ones that are available.

    • Sku Grid Price Monitor – Sku Grid Monitors hundreds of you supplier stores for you.
    • WebScraper App – WebScraper App is an inventory management system for your Amazon store. Use coupon code JS-35205 and receive 30% off your plan!
    • Easync – Easync manages inventory and monitors pricing for you.
    • Spot N Paste – Spot N Paste is a semi-auto ordering tool for Amazon orders.
    • OA Genius – OA Genius is another inventory management system for selling on amazon.
    Want to learn more about Spot N paste?
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