3 Awesome Spot N Paste Learning Courses To Help You Get Started With A Side Hustle

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3 Awesome Spot N Paste Learning Courses To Help You Get Started With A Side Hustle

3 Awesome Spot N Paste Learning Courses To Help You Get Started With A Side Hustle

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    Looking to earn some extra with a side hustle, develop and innovate a new product, or increase your existing work efficiency? Spot N Paste Learning center has a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve all of these and more! 

    Written by Jenny Sponton – the visionary behind the successful automated dropshipping software Spot N Paste, these ebooks have a lot to offer to anyone. Let take a deep dive into the courses and see how you can start, build, and scale a side hustle to finally find your financial freedom.

    Spot N Paste learning Create Side Hustle

    Create Side Hustle

    Tired of the mindless 9 to 5 jobs or just looking to diversify your income? Well – you have come to the right place! The Create Side Hustle course by Jenny Sponton helps you create your side hustle income plan to earn that extra money you need to support your goals and your dreams. 

    A side hustle can be the difference between paying rents on time and couch surfing. During these economic uncertain times, it is a final dam between you and a series of unfortunate financial events.

    Jenny Sponton’s course on creating a successful side hustle in Spot N Paste Learning center comes with a price tag of only USD 49.99. Offering a complete blueprint for developing a gig from scratch, this course has everything you need to know including lucrative ideas to build your own business website.

    In its 30 modules, the course curriculum covers:

    1. An introduction to side hustling (Free preview)
    2. From favorite hobby to lucrative side hustle
    3. Don’t get stuck with an unsustainable side gig
    4. Get to know your dream client
    5. Scope out the competition
    6. Review your competition’s best offers
    7. Know your unique selling proposition
    8. Your brilliant brand
    9. Build your infrastructure
    10. Design your service packages
    11. Roll out the welcome mat
    12. Your “back of the napkin” marketing plan
    13. And it’s go time!
    14. Conclusion
    Spot N Paste Learning Product Creation

    Product Creation

    Bringing a new product to the market is not an easy task. Building something that will leave its mark in this world involves countless missteps and failures – unless you have the exact blueprint to develop and market a successful product!

    The 7 Steps to Product Creation from Spot N Paste Learning course is just that – a complete guide to help you develop your product from start to finish! Designed by Jenny Sponton, the successful entrepreneur who masterminded Spot N Paste, the Product Creation course is for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. 

    Featuring 23 modules, this extensive course from Spot N Paste Learning breaks down the whole process into 7 easy steps:

    • Step 1: Know Your Market
    • Step 2: One Problem, One Solution
    • Step 3: Outlining Your Product
    • Step 4: Crafting Your Sales Page
    • Step 5: Easy Add-Ons Increase Perceived Value
    • Step 6: Use What You Already Have
    • Step 7: Speaking of Outsourcing
    Spot N Paste Learning Hiring An Assistant

    Hiring An Assistant 101: How To Hire, Train, And Communicate With Your Assistant

    Stop letting your business run you and take it to the next level with productive assistants! While a great assistant can double your productivity, a  poorly trained one can impede your business progress and lead you to ruins.

    There is a structured process of hiring, training, and communicating with your assistant to make them a perfect fit for you and your business. And this is all outlined in the Spot N Paste Learning’s Hiring an assistant 101: How to Hire, Train, and Communicate with your Assistant book!!

    Designed by Jenny Sponton, this nugget of a book is priced at a steal of only $3.99 on Kindle and $9.99 for the paperback. This Spot N Paste Learning book covers everything you need to know before you go on a hunt for an assistant. From finding the non-value-added tasks that can be offloaded from your hands to tips on training your newly hired assistant, this book has all you need to make the most out of your hired-help!

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