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Spot N Paste: Featuring Cutting-Edge Dropship Address Parsing Feature!

Spot N Paste is one of the most useful software that dropshippers can utilize to be more productive. It is loved by the newcomers and veterans of dropshipping alike for its amazing ease of use and compatibility with multiple platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify.  

However, it is the newest feature of Spot N Paste that is going to turn everyone’s head. It can now copy addresses from anywhere and parse the information for pasting into any supplier you like. So now dropshippers on all platforms can use Spot N Paste and speed up the fulfilment process by multiple folds!

What makes Spot N Paste Special?

Dropshipping Business Model

Spot N Paste is a tailor-made software developed for all dropshippers. The dropshipping business model is a simple one, but it requires a lot of patience, research and time. This nifty tool can cut down a huge chunk of time that you would need to spend on copying customer address and then pasting it in your supplier’s website. But before discussing the nitty-gritty, let us take a trip back to the basics!

The Dropshipping Business Model

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where the whole business process can be summarized in just three simple lines: The customers pay you for a product. After receiving payment from the customer, you pay the supplier. Then the supplier ships the product directly to the customer!

You need to have a platform to sell the products, and Shopify, Amazon and eBay are the most popular e-commerce platform. You can also sell on Woo commerce, Magento or even Big Commerce, but on all platforms, the business model of drop shipping can be implemented.

"On all platforms, the business model of drop shipping can be implemented."

There is another common theme to dropshipping no matter which platform you are selling on. You will have to copy customer information from your store and then paste it into the suppliers’ website. This is time-consuming and can also lead to human errors. This is where Spot N Paste comes into your rescue! It is a neat software that helps automate your order fulfilment!

Spot N Paste: The Dropshippers’ Bestfriend!

Spot N Paste Dropshippers

Spot N Paste is a web browser extension will save you hours of your life that you would otherwise spend on copying and pasting customer information. Spot n Paste automates the whole process and makes order fulfilment as simple as one mouse click.

"Spot n Paste automates the whole process and makes order fulfilment as simple as one mouse click."

Spot n Paste can copy the customer information with just one click and paste into any supplier. Spot N Paste is integrated with over 30 suppliers and is also programmable to work with any suppliers you like!

Spot n Paste used to support only the three major e-commerce platforms – eBay, Amazon and Shopify. But the newest update has brought in a feature that is going to be the game changer!

Use Spot N Paste On ANY Platform Now!

Spot N Paste Dropshipping

The latest update rolled in the feature that many of the dropshippers were eagerly waiting for – Spot N Paste now works on any e-commerce platform!

This update allows the users to copy the customers’ address from anywhere, and then Spot N Paste will parse the address to be pasted into any supplier of their choice. This opens up a whole new world for dropshippers as they can now use Spot N Paste to maximize productivity on any and every platform out there – be it Amazon or Woo Commerce!

Use Spot N Paste now to copy customer address from anywhere and paste it into any supplier of your choice. The world of possibilities is wide open for all dropshippers using Spot N Paste.

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