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Social Media Integration to Increase Shopify Sales

We are continuing to explore 7 Proven Shopify Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales. Today we will be covering social media integration & how to utilize this to boost your Shopify sales. 

Social media marketing is using social platforms to sell and promote your products, services and brands. Social media sites include more commonly-known platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but they also include less-known platforms as well. Shopify stores can use both paid and unpaid social media to increase the sales that are brought 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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When effectively used, there are many benefits that social media can produce for your business. 344 social media managers confirm that social media positively influencers revenue and sales.

Social Media is one of the most efficient marketing methods to increase your brands awareness. By implementing a social media strategy, you will begin to increase your recognition as a store and engage with your customers.


3 Ways to Increase Sales Using Social Media

On-top of helping Shopify stores, using social media marketing can provide feedback about your product, brand and even your competitors.

1. Make it easy to share

The social share button should always be included on every Shopify site to make it easy for customers to share. Each share is a free promotion for your store. The more shares that your store has, the more likely it is to bring customers in.

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2. Use Social Reviews

Product reviews from real life customers are one of, if not the most trusted source of confirmation when a person is buying something. The more positive reviews that a store has, the better reputation you have. Having a review that has not been influenced by the seller proves to be very credible to the consumer.

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3. Be active with the #Hashtag

The hashtag has made it easy to join in on discussions and events by posting under the posts that are relevant to your brand. When using hashtags it is important to know what practice works for which social media.


  • Twitter posts with one hashtag generate more engagements then tweets with two or more hashtags.
  • Instagram posts see more engagement’s when they have multiple hashtags in the post.
  • Facebook posts receive the most engagements without hashtags.

Being able to successfully use hashtags can increase your Shopify sales and brand awareness.

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End Words

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