So Many Features! Oh My!!

So Many Features! Oh My!!

There are so many awesome new things that are available with Spot N Paste. If you are not currently using it, you should be! And if you are, well I hope you have been enjoy these awesome new features that have been brought to you! Check it out below! 

Hot Keys enabled for faster pasting into your suppliers

For those of you who are not to fond of needing to click, now you can use our hot key system to paste your addresses into your suppliers.

  • No window is going to pop up with this feature, so if you want to see the address, youll have to hit the extension button on the browser.

New memory feature!

We know there are certain suppliers that don’t like to play nice and allow for direct pasting and that forces you to use the nifty drag and drop. Well now Spot N Paste has enabled the memory feature. 

  • Drag & Drop one time for that supplier and SNP will remember it for future pastes.
  • To reset this function, just clear your browser and cache to redo the drag & drop for your suppliers

Ability to choose the phone number and email to paste.

We had alot of requests for this feature and we are glad to announce its available!

  • Select the settings wheel in the top right corner of the extension window and enter the email and phone number that you want pasted each time.
  • Dont forget to toggle the on off switch to apply. 😉

Are you excited yet? We hope so! If you're not currently using Spot N Paste, now is the time! Click below to get signed up for your FREE 3 day trial!

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