Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality with Your Brand

Show Some Personality with Your Brand

Something funny happens to people when they formally sit down to create their branding. They get too serious. Yes, branding is all about business. However, branding is also something that should be fun. You need to let your personality shine through with your branding. You can have fun with it while still providing a very serious product or service to your ideal customer.

For Example:

  • Wendy’s is a fast-food restaurant specializing in burgers, chicken sandwiches, and so forth. Their most recent branding efforts are quite irreverent. The Wendy’s Twitter channel has taken roasting to a whole new level by snapping back, and customers love it. 

Brands don’t have to be dry and humorless to be professional. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Have fun with it. For many audiences, humor helps you connect with your target audience and makes you memorable. The key is ensuring that the personality you put on your business matches everything else within the business – such as the logo, tagline, and other branding. 

In order to show more personality through your brand, you’ll want to first think about your audience and how they might respond. After all, it’s all about your audience, not you. You can only know how far to go based on what the audience likes, not what you like. You can get started interjecting personality in your brand with these simple tips.

Update Your “About Me” Page or Section 

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality with Your Brand

On your website as well as on various social media platforms and pages, you have an opportunity to tell your story and share more of your personality. This is an excellent place to explain why you chose this business, what makes you unique, and how passionate you are about it. You can share this through words, a video, and images. 

Use More Images and Photos

Stock images are great, of course, we all use them. However, you can make your brand more personal by using more personal photos. You may need to be careful depending on your business model but including images of yourself, your customers, and the good that you do is a good way to share your personality more.

Write in First Person When Appropriate

This is a big depends, of course. If your brand is indeed you, for example, you are a life coach like Tony Robbins. His entire business revolves around his name and his personality. However, he did a lot of research to get that persona right. Even though it’s him, and he’s being transparent, this did not come to him by accident.

Make Your Customer Your Hero

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality with Your Brand

When telling your brand story, put the customer at the center of the story. Getting personal means getting personal about them, too. You want them to resonate with what you say and feel empathy for the story because that enables them to place themselves there, which almost ensures that they will become a customer. 

Don’t be afraid to narrow down your personality and become irreverent, silly, funny, or even very serious if that is what is needed based on your research into your audience. But don’t assume that your audience doesn’t have fun. Even accountants love a good accountant joke now and then. Let go and have some fun.

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