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Selling Trending Products To Make Money

Use Trends To Your Advantage

You can use drop shipping to make money. However, just like any other business, it’s not a walk through the park. There are many strategies you can use to boost your sales in the drop shipping business model. We are looking in-depth into one of those strategies today – using trends to increase your sales!

Why Drop Ship?

Selling Trending Products To Make Money

Drop shipping is a business model that do not require you to carry inventories. People are making millions of drop shipping business.

It is one of the easiest of all business models for beginners. It comes with a lot of pros and very few cons. Since you do not have to pay upfront for inventory, you do not have to worry if the product does not sell well. You can easily pivot to the latest tastes or trends because there is no such thing as excess inventory!

You can also add new products to your offerings very quickly in your store. It is just a matter of finding the right merchandise to sell!

Moreover, you don’t have to spend time packing and shipping the products. You can even offer a wider variety of products than any other business models!

So What’s Stopping You?

With many platforms like Amazon,  eBay, and Shopify available for aspiring drop shippers, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to sell the goods. Instead, it’s the products that are the Achilles’ heel of all drop shippers!

Finding profitable products to sell is not as easy as it sounds. However, we have done a blog post that you can go through to get an idea of what type of products sell best.

How Do The Trending Products Play Into This?

Selling Trending Products To Make Money

If you look closely, you will find that impulse products are drop shipped the most. People becoming more accustomed to ordering products to their homes from the comfort of their laptop or mobile phone. And this is where trending products come into the play!

Trending products, the new craze,  or fads are here for a few days before the demand for them goes down. In any other line of business, dealing in fads is akin to committing suicide. But for drop shippers, it is a great opportunity to tap into!

As you do not carry inventory, you do not have to worry about the demand for the product going down. You can easily list another trending product to replace the old one!

Where Can You Find These Trending Products?

Selling Trending Products To Make Money

Amazon is usually the best place to spot the next craze. You can curate the products, or look at the best-sellers. These hourly updated pages can help you to start your research:

You can also look for trending products on the Aliexpress Popular page. On the other hand, social forums, especially Reddit is a mine of information for drop shippers. There are thousands of subreddits you can browse to understand which product is on the rise!

However, if you are still unable to find any trending products to sell, you can always snoop on your competitors. Researching their product listings will help you to keep track of what new products they have added. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

There are also websites dedicated to curating products for you. Product Mafia, Pexda, Thieve, Repick, and Angage are just a few of the product hunting websites you can go through to find your next bestseller!

End Words

From Moon Lamps to Fidget Spinners, the trending products are the lifeblood of drop shippers. Where other business models shun these fads, drop shipping embraces it. Jump on the craze wagon early, and you might end up making a good amount of money before the fad is over!

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