Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics

Let’s Talk Logos And Graphics

Most people, when you ask them about branding, immediately think of the logos and graphics used on a website, stationery, product packaging, and marketing materials. However, we know that branding goes far beyond logos and graphics to the feelings that everything taken in together elicit in the audience. But it starts with getting the logos and graphics right. The decisions you make can make all the difference here.

Use Your Brand’s Persona & Name to Guide Your Choices

When you already have a business name, and you know what personality your business will personify, you’re halfway there. Is your business about connection, leading, traditional, new age, or something else entirely? Whatever you’ve decided is your brand persona is going to help you choose the right colors, fonts, shapes, and more regarding your logo.

Pick Colors Based on Your Audience’s Preferences

Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics

It’s easy to think you can just pick your own favorite colors to create the right type of logo, but that doesn’t really work. The reason is that you are not your audience, and even if you are a member of your target audience, you are not the sum of the audience’s thoughts and experiences or preferences. Instead, do some research on color theory and how different colors and shades of colors affect the viewer’s mood and thoughts.

Need some help putting together your colors? Use colormind to help you!

Choose the Right Fonts Based on How They Will be Used

Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics

Typography is very important to the design of your logo as well as use on labeling any graphics and images. The main reason is that it helps define personality. If you choose something classic, it will evoke feelings of tradition. If you choose something more modern, it will evoke another feeling for your audience. It’s also important that it’s readable where they’ll be reading the letters and words most often.

Make sure you pair your Typography together correctly! Here are some examples of font pairings you can use!

Ensure Images Used Match Your Branding

Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics

If your logo uses vector art, but the images you use always use real people, it might seem incongruent. It might seem strange to choose in advance the types of images you want to use, but it’s going to help set up the entire mood and feeling of your business. If you use images of yourself in your branding, are you being consistent with what you highlight, the text you use, the message you spread, and the colors, fonts, and type of images used?

Set Up Variations of Your Logo Design

Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics

Once you get those ideas down, you’ll need to develop several variations of your logo design to be used in different areas. For example, you may need a transparent logo to be used on specific backgrounds, or you may need one with variations in sizes to be used for products, images, watermarks, and more.

The main thing to remember is that you want your logo to be recognizable even if it’s not all included. You also want a person to feel a certain way when they see your mark. For example, if your audience sees your mark, they may automatically feel happy, concerned, or excited to move forward based on the mood your branding brings to the table. 

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