3 Ways To Find Profitable Items Using eBay Seller Central

Use eBay Seller Central To Help You Find Profitable Items

3 Ways To Find Profitable Items Using eBay Seller Central

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    You may have already discovered that selling on eBay can be fun and profitable. But after you’ve cleared out your garage and attic, and auctioned off everything your husband owns, where can you go to get new product ideas?

    Tapping into EBay’s Resources To Find Profitable Items

    Most people don’t realize that eBay itself is actually a terrific place to find profitable items. Besides being an easy selling venue with built-in traffic, it also contains a goldmine of useful data about what that traffic wants to buy. One of eBay’s best-kept secrets is their Seller Central page (https://www.EBay.com/SellerCentral). Very few people, even PowerSellers, are aware of this valuable resource.

     find profitable items

    Consequently, very few people are taking advantage of the tools available here:

    Ebay Explore

    https://explore.ebay.com/ is a great spot to get sourcing leads because it shows you specifically what products are selling and trending on eBay. It gives you the dates of when that item was trending and can give you an idea of the time frame and season of specific items. This is a great tool to get your mind going to know which items to start selling and which are profitable products. Especially if you are new to the world of selling on eBay.

    Best Sellers Section of the Explore page

    This is basically a category trend-watching page. It’s telling you what the best selling items are in each of the categories which help to give you an idea of what items to look for in your niche category if you have one.

    The eBay for Business Blog

    This resource is fantastic for gaining more tips and tricks by who better, then top eBay sellers and eBay themselves. Any questions that you might have can probably be answered on their blog. They give you ideas on what is selling, how to get your listings seen, and how to make sure that you provide great listings to your buyers. As a drop shipper, this is great information to have so that we know how to edit our listings to stand out and be different from the other typical drop shippers that are on eBay.

     find profitable items

    And of course, as you start to find more and more profitable items to sell, you will need to make sure that you have the tools behind you to help get those items to your buyers! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Spot N Paste to help you speed up your order processing and continue to get those products to your customers quickly!

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