Financial Freedom Network: The 1 eBay Dropshipping Course To Rule Them All

Financial Freedom Network

Financial Freedom Network: The 1 eBay Dropshipping Course To Rule Them All

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    The name Financial Freedom Network is self-explanatory. It’s about gaining financial freedom by dropshipping on eBay.

    Dropshipping has existed in one form or another for a long time. However, when the era of internet and online stores dawned upon us, it evolved into the business model we know today.

    While many dropship gurus teach intricate dropshipping tactics and techniques, it is always the same in essence. In the end, what differs one dropshipper from another is the platform he dropships on and the products he sells.

    Here is a step by step process for dropshipping, no matter the platform you dropship on:

    1. The dropshipper researches for profitable products to sell on marketplaces like Aliexpress or Walmart
    2. He lists the product on his own website or on a public marketplace like Amazon or eBay for a higher price than he can source it for
    3. A buyer purchases the offering from the dropshipper
    4. The dropshipper then purchases the product on behalf of the buyer from the source website
    5. The source website fulfills the order and ships it directly to the buyer
    6. The dropshipper makes a profit from the price difference between what he sold and what he sourced the product for.

    The main benefit of dropshipping is the lack of expenses for inventory. Since you do not have to hold any stock of the product, you have no headaches about packaging, shipping, and delivering the product. The source website will do it all for you.

    However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to dropshipping. Some unscrupulous web gurus will package it like a “get rich overnight” package, but the reality is much harsher.

    Competition is fiercer than ever and big source websites are taking steps to make dropshippers life a misery.

    However, even among such hardships, those who know the smart tactics for dropshipping are making the big bucks. And when it comes to knowing the rules of the dropshipping game, Sarwar is a top player.

    What Is Financial Freedom Network?

    Financial Freedom Network Youtube Channel

    Financial Freedom Network started out as a dropshipping Youtube channel by the well-known United Kingdom based dropshipper Sarwar Uddin. Active for over 8 years, Sarwar’s channel has garnered over 1 million total views and 43 thousand subscribers.

    Focusing mainly dropshipping on eBay from China, this channel has a wealth of beginner-level dropshipping tutorials videos for the absolute beginners as well as advanced dropshipping tactics and techniques for seasoned veterans. 

    Sarwar’s Youtube channels is a great place to learn about dropshipping for free. You will find videos on a wide variety of topics, from how to make money online to step by step guide to eBay dropshipping, print on demand, affiliate marketing, online business success tips, and more!

    Ebay Dropshipping Masterclass

    Financial Freedom Network

    Sarwar Uddin’s Financial Freedom Network offers one of the best eBay dropshipping courses you can find today.

    Designed for anyone interested in dropshipping, Financial Freedom Network’s course includes everything you need to know to build a profitable dropshipping business from scratch on the eBay platform.

    It is a self-paced online course with lifetime access. You sign up once and then can check out the on-demand training videos from Financial Freedom Network anytime you like!

    In it’s 13 modules, this course brakes down the main lessons to 8 parts:

    1. Introduction: Lesson 1 includes everything you need to know about dropshipping even if you haven’r heard about it before. You will also find testimonials about the effectiveness of this course in this part.
    2. Before You get Started: Lesson 2 is all about things you need to know before you start and getting your expectations straight.
    3. Getting Set Up: Lession 3 starts with a 30 days plan for you to follow as well as includes training videos on setting up all the necessary accounts for you to start dropshipping.
    4. Listing Items: This is Lesson 4 where you will learn how to find and list the most profitable items.
    5. After Making a Sale: Just making a sale is not the end of the store. In Lesson 5, you will learn important order processing strategies, as well as get insight into cashback sites that will help you earn even more!
    6. Tips and Bonuses: Lesson 6 includes a long term 6 months plan and tactics that will help you increase your profit margins.
    7. Daily Tasks: Lesson 7 is all about maintaining the routine that you need to follow to establish you eBay dropshipping empire.
    8. Automating your Business (For Advanced Students): This is the Lesson no.8 that will help advance students scale their business with Virtual Assitants.

     Aside from these 8 lesson modules, Freedom Financial Freedom Network’s masterclass also includes some essential Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Affiliate Program tutorials, Manual Dropshipping strategies, Useful videos from Youtube, and Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass modules.

    If you are still in the fence regarding if you should sign up for this Financial Freedom Network course, you will be happy to know that it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee given that you have watched less than 20% of the course. Sign up for this amazing course here!

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