Top 3 Features That Will Make You Fall In Love With Spot N Paste!


Top 3 Features That Will Make You Fall In Love With Spot N Paste!

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    Spot n Paste is a tool to help you be more productive with your dropshipping business. Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where the whole business process can be summarized in just three simple lines: The customers pay you for a product. After receiving payment from the customer, you pay the supplier. Then the supplier ships the product directly to the customer!

    Drop shipping is considered to be the perfect business for startups because of the comparatively less capital requirement for the initial investment, and no investment required for manufacturing or stocking the products. You could also change your business whenever you like as the exit barriers are not high – you do not own any inventory to lose! You just sell and the suppliers do all the heavy-lifting for you.

    If It Is So Easy, Then Why Use Spot N Paste?

    Just as there are no free lunches in this merciless world, dropshipping comes with its own baggage too.

    In the business world, time is money. Fulfilling orders manually takes up a lot of time. When you have hundreds of orders to fulfil, you will certainly be spending a long time fulfilling them. So, to save your precious time, as well as getting rid of those annoying errors in copy-pasting while fulfilling orders, you can take help of some nifty software that helps automate your order fulfilment!

    This is where Spot n Paste shines! This web browser extension will save you hours of your life that you would otherwise spend on copying and pasting customer information. Spot n Paste automates the process and makes order fulfilment as simple as one mouse click. It works on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, and you can program it to work with ANY supplier that you want to use!

    So What Are The Features To Look Out For?

    How Many Suppliers It Supports

    Spot N Paste

    The primary function of Spot n Paste is to copy the customer information with just one click and paste it into any supplier. Spot N Paste is integrated with over 30 suppliers and is also programmable to work with any suppliers you like! Just simply Drag & Drop the information and Spot N Paste saves what you have done so that next time you have a perfect paste for that supplier. Spot n Paste also supports the three major e-commerce platforms – eBay, Amazon, and Shopify!


    Spot N Paste

    On all these three platforms, Spot n Paste provides fast copy functionality, and on Amazon and eBay, it can integrate with SKU Grid to retrieve items faster! It also allows your Amazon items to be added directly to the cart. Available on both DSMTool Dashboard and OAGenius Dashboard, Spot n Paste will serve you without fail and increase your productivity by multiple folds!

    Functions of the Extension

    Spot n Paste has brought many exciting features to enhance your drop shipping experience, and is constantly bringing in new ones to make the process more convenient! One new update that has rolled out is the Hot Keys for pasting your addresses directly into your suppliers. Just select CTRL+SHIFT+S and BAM! Address pasted.

    Another important feature that will come really handy is the ability to manually choose the phone number and email to paste. We wouldn’t want the suppliers to get the customers phone or email addresses, so you can now manually input the email and phone number that you want to be pasted each time!

    And so much more!

    Spot n Paste is constantly bringing in new features to make your drop shipping experience more efficient, streamlined and convenient. Use Spot n Paste to save your time, and thus save you money!

    Spot n Paste has extensive tutorials explaining everything from how to install it to setting up SKU Grid. Check these out here.

    Check out Spot N Paste Tutorials

    Want to learn more about Spot N paste?

    Check It Out!

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    Want to learn more about Spot N paste?
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