5 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

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    We are halfway through our series on 7 proven strategies to increase your Shopify sales.  Today we are going to cover email marketing.

    Email marketing accounts for approximately 23% of sales, rendering it one of the most effective marketing channels at your disposal. Successful online retailers know that one of the most reliable and profitable methods is email marketing. You may be asking yourself ‘where do I begin?’.

    In this article, we’re going to explore the specific steps you need to take if you want to get great results when running an email campaign. Use it alongside other online marketing strategies to grow your business faster.

    5 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

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    1. Harness The Power of Pop-Ups

    You can’t do much with your email marketing audience if you don’t have one. So, let’s start there.

    Love them or hate them, popups are easily the most effective way to build your list. Our customers typically see a list increase of 2.5x to 3x within 12 months of implementing popups at their site.

    But that doesn’t mean all popups are made equal …

    The common denominator of powerful popups is incentive: make sure visitors have a reason to sign up. Customers have seen as much as a 1,200% increase in monthly sign-ups compared to their previous popup by offering 10% off visitors’ next purchase.

    You can take incentives even further, with a one-two combination. Their first popup drives customers to purchase immediately with both a discount and countdown timer.

    2. Send Irresistible Welcome Messages

    A visitor has subscribed — and that’s just the beginning. Start the conversation with a welcome message or sequence. Not sending a welcome message after someone signs up is like making a new friend, inviting them over for dinner, and then not opening the door when they show up.

    From a pragmatic perspective, welcome emails are opened 57.8% of the time, compared to 14.6% of standard promotional emails.

    But, how do you make your very first “Hello” irresistible? Two ways …

    First, if a new subscriber signed up because of an offer, give it to them. That might sound obvious, but dropping the ball on immediate gratification or, worse, mixing up your offer and delivery is disastrous.

    Second, make your welcome email ooze your brand’s personality.

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    3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

    According to a June 2017 report from OneSpot, US marketing executives say email marketing attributed 21% of the total revenue in Q2 2017 and that continues to go up 17% year over year. Email marketing is a way for brands to become more connected with their subscribers, with the goal of reaching out on an individual level with each potential customer.

    Additionally, if your first email is general — i.e., presents multiple collections or product categories — track where subscribers click and, based on their interests, segment them into different groups and send automatically targeted sequences to follow up.

    Even better — track your subscribers’ onsite activity and send follow-ups with the exact products they’ve recently viewed. This will help you to increase your overall sales by targeting customers based on what they want to see.

    Sending personalized emails results in an open rate lift of 134 percent, a click rate lift of 254 percent, and a conversion rate lift of 257 percent.

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    4. Write Source Based Messages

    Sourced-based emails begin with subscription offers that are segment or product specific and lead into emails that follow suit. This is a more detailed form of personalization that shows your subscribers you’re attentive to what they want.

    For example, if a visitor signs up through a men’s clothing page versus a women’s clothing page, you can cater your welcome sequence to products that you can safely assume they’ll be interested in.

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    5. Use Your Channels in Unison

    Your website isn’t the only asset you have online. You should make use of all your internet real estate, including your social media profiles.

    The secret is to create experiences across your various channels unique to each one rather than serving up the same content on every medium.

    If you’re interested in seeing quick wins (or “low hanging fruit”), look into Instagram shopping or Twitter Lead Generation Cards, which enables visitors to quickly fill out email information. Your business can also make use of Facebook by creating lookalike audiences and leading to a Facebook sign up tab.

    End Words

    Pay no mind to the growth hacking flavors of the month. Amidst changing algorithms, emerging platforms, and various other trends, email marketing in ecommerce remains the least expensive and most reliable revenue driver.

    Focus on making this connection and implement the advice above, and you will build a loyal customer base.

    Here are a few options to get you started

    For additional tips, tricks, and tools, visit our dropping shipping tools page, which is loaded with goodies you are guaranteed to love!

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