5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Will Take Your Dropshipping Business To The Next Level

Effective Email Marketing

5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Will Take Your Dropshipping Business To The Next Level

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    Dropshipping is a low-risk business model that enables you to sell products without breaking the bank as a wholesaler would have. In dropshipping, you don’t own the inventory, rather the manufacturer sends the products directly to your customers. As a result, this business model needs effective email marketing to reach, retain, and convert customers,

    As dropshipping is a highly competitive business, proper strategies and tactics need to be implemented in order to succeed. Customers are the heart of a dropshipping business. Therefore, every customer matters. If there’s no customer then there’s no revenue, and one of the most efficient and affordable ways to win over and retain customers is through  effective email marketing. It’s a powerful tool, and only effective when used right. 

    So, how can email marketing benefit your dropshipping business? Undoubtedly, it has many benefits, otherwise, marketers couldn’t have increased their revenues by almost 8 times! But before that let us first discuss the types of dropshipping business you are in because it’s not just about using email marketing. It’s about using effective email marketing.

    Under a broad definition, there are two types of dropshipping. Effective email marketing is essential for either business model.

    General Dropshipping

    This is the type of dropshipping where you sell a wide variety of categories of products. Like school supplies, sports, children’s toys, hobby collectibles, etc.

    If you fit in this category, then you’re a general dropshipping business.

    Niche Dropshipping

    By niche dropshipping we mean businesses that focus on only one specific category of goods. Now if you’re selling fitness products, then everything in your catalog should be just fitness-related products.

    As a dropshipping business, you act as the middle-man between manufacturer and customer. Because you don’t own any inventory. You contact an agent to get ordered goods delivered to your customers, be it an Aliexpress agent or Aliexpress alternative. So, this kind of business requires building long-term relationships with both.

    How can you make this long-term relationship with customers? It’s through email marketing! Effective email marketing can help you build the customer relationships you need as well as boost your revenue.

    Why Is  Effective Email Marketing Key To E-commerce Success?

     Effective Email Marketing

    Did you know that most new visitors to your store will never return—unless, that is, you do something to keep them coming back?

    Building an email list and sending compelling messages gives you a way to retain the traffic and convert them into your potential customers.

    If you are doing everything for your eCommerce business but haven’t yet adopted email marketing, then chances are you are going to fail. Let us see how  effective email marketing can benefit your dropshipping business:

    Effective Email Marketing Helps In Driving Sales And Traffic To Your E-commerce Site

    While crafting your email you should have a focus and a way to interact with the recipients. It is not advisable to send a huge number of emails. One resourceful email is definitely going to be better for actual subscriber engagement and website traffic. You would want to provide value to your customers thus write something that they will appreciate and find useful.

    Email Builds Long-term Customer Relationships

    You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to maintain customer relationships but that’s not always convenient. The best channels for maintaining and strengthening customer relationships over time is through emails. Building strong customer relations is crucial for your dropshipping success. 

    Implementing Effective Email Marketing For Dropshipping

     Effective Email Marketing

    Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of how to implement effective email marketing strategies and build perfect and long-lasting customer relationships.

    1) Sending Emails At The Right Time

    The success of something is often related to the time when it happens. For instance, you shouldn’t start a new business during an economic recession. Timing is everything.

    Similar is the case with sending emails. You should fix a date and time you will be sending emails to your subscribers. Sending emails on a fixed date and a specific time will increase traffic largely!

    If you don’t know when to send emails then it’s preferable you send in the morning because everyone checks mail right after they wake up.  Therefore, sending mail at the right time can help you make an awesome impression and a lasting customer relationship and market your products and services quickly.

    2) Keep Your Subject Lines Short And Precise

    No one likes to read long boring messages. If a text is short and precise then people are going to continue reading it. Keeping your subject line short and precise is crucial for larger customer engagement. Did you know that 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line? 

    So keep the subject line short as it’s the medicine for customer satisfaction and it will help customer’s engagement with your products and services quickly.

    3. Content Is Key

    Content is key to any business success. You can expose your business to a broader audience by writing SEO-friendly contents. You can do that by writing quality content on your websites. You can write blog posts about your products, and then use email marketing to inform your customers on the latest update!

    This will also help the search engine to crawl your website and recommend it to the audience. The context is to make the content easier and understandable.

    Again, don’t just write content. Represent and organize your writings visually as visual contents are the strong weapon to attract more customers.

    4. Optimise Your Site For All Devices

    Optimization is key. Your website should be responsive enough. When you send an email to your customer you should include a call to action so that they can visit your site and buy your services. 

    If your website is not optimized then you won’t be able to retain customers. The bounce rate will be higher. In short, to make sure that your email marketing is effective, your website needs to be fast, efficient, and useful. 

    5. Write Inviting Welcome Emails

    A welcome email is like the first impression of your business. It is an integral part of an effective email marketing strategy and will decide either you will get huge customers or maybe none. Take your welcome emails seriously and it is the most important mail for new subscribers also. Write an engaging welcome email as it will boost subscriber engagement naturally.


    Now that you know how effective email marketing is for your dropshipping business, you can apply all the strategies mentioned above and you will definitely see your business booming!
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    1. Hi Rayan,
      Thank you for your detailed and helpful post. Got some important tips to implement in the email marketing plan for my dropshipping business. Currently, I’m using Shopify as the platform for my dropshipping store. Can you suggest to me some good email automation tools plan at a reasonable price that’s I can integrate with Shopify?

    2. Email marketing is an effective strategy to promote business. As the technology keeps on innovating, there were also more strategic email marketing tips that sooner will come out.

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