Slow eBay Sales

Slow Sales On eBay?

If your experiencing slow sales, instead of assuming that it’s eBay suppressing your listings, think about what is going on in the world right now? If you’re selling in the US, you probably have slow sales because school is starting! The end of August to the first week of September. Plus there is Labor Day which is a HUGE camping weekend, so most people are shopping in store for food. Plus at this point nothing will arrive on time for the weekend so why buy online?

Now if you’ve experienced slow sales for months (3 months or more) then sure it could be an internal thing. But slow sales for only a week or two, you have to consider what’s happening in the world. Holidays, significant events, even natural disasters can cause a slowdown. I remember when the terrorist attack in Paris occurred back in November of 2015, sales plummeted for a week! And I’m in America! Things like that just happen, and it affects how people want and will spend their money. Look at your own spending habits as well. Like when and how you shop at certain times depending on what is happening around you.

So all in all just try looking outside of the box as to why you are experiencing slow sales and most importantly be patient. I know it’s hard when sales plummet suddenly, and we get nervous about bills, but even brick and mortar store owners have the same issues, except they can’t blame eBay or Amazon for surpassing their location. They have to research, reevaluate what they are doing, and look at the bigger picture and be patient to see if things change.

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