6 Amazing Customer Service Strategies on eBay That Builds Long-Term Relationships

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6 Amazing Customer Service Strategies on eBay That Builds Long-Term Relationships

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    Customer service is important on eBay. Buyers rate their satisfaction with sellers, and your rating can make a difference in whether potential customers are willing to buy from you.

     6 Amazing Customer Service Strategies on eBay That Builds Long-Term Relationships

    Strategies For Customer Service

    1. Communicate Clearly On Product Description

    Customer service strategies on eBay start by providing an accurate product description. Displaying clear pictures and describing any imperfections, shows the buyer what to expect.

    It’s much better for customer satisfaction if the buyer receives a product in better shape than he expected that if you oversell and disappoint the customer. As a drop shipper, make sure that you are looking at the photos from your retail supplier and choose better quality photos that can help describe better what the item is. 

    2. Provide Shipping Information As Soon As Possible

    Customer service strategies on eBay include acknowledgment of the purchase and prompt shipping information. You can use an automated response to let the buyer know you have received his/her purchase.

    3. Manage Orders As Quickly As You Can

    Acknowledge payment quickly, and place your order immediately, so that your supplier can get the item shipped in a timely manner. To help with placing your orders faster with your retail supplier, make sure you check out Spot N Paste.

    With this tool, you will be able to quickly copy and paste the buyers’ information into your retail supplier.

    4. Provide Tracking Information When It Is Available

    After your order is placed, and the supplier has provided you with a tracking number, make sure to update that tracking information into eBay. Customer service strategies include providing a tracking link to the product whenever possible.

    5. Offer Free Shipping

    Some eBay sellers offer free shipping as a customer service strategy. If you charge for shipping, don’t charge much above shipping costs. Customers notice the postage cost and will likely complain if the shipping and handling are several dollars over. They understand the cost of materials, but they don’t want to pay for your time to package the product.

    6. Have A Robust Shipping Policy

    Customer service strategies on eBay include a return policy. It is worth it to accept returns any time a customer asks. Just open a return with your supplier or have the customer send the item to you to either physically resell, or to take back to your supplier in person rather through the shipped return. This can help you to receive good ratings and is worth the hassle.

     6 Amazing Customer Service Strategies on eBay That Builds Long-Term Relationships

    Final Thoughts

    Customer service strategies on eBay are not any different from traditional online or even brick and mortar stores. Make sure the product is as good as you say it is, don’t inflate shipping and handling, ship quickly, and have a liberal return policy. It’s always better to under-promise to your customers within your policies than to overpromise and not deliver good service. This is the way to achieve high customer service ratings.

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