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How to Choose A Dropship Coach & Course to Follow

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    “I want to learn to dropship.” “Is there any dropship coaches who can teach me how to dropship?”  

    Sound familiar to you? Probably. Those two statements are the most posted and commented on all over Facebook dropship groups. People want to learn how to run a successful dropship business but at the same time, they are scared to be scammed by dropship coaches who claim they know how to do it. 

    So how can we know who to trust when it comes to finding and choosing a coach to help walk us through this dropship journey to success?


    integrity (1 Dropship Coach

    According to dictionary.com the definition of integrity is this: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

    Well that sounds easy enough! Just find someone who is honest! Well wait though. How do you know they are honest? You should follow them. Watch them on youtube, and follow them on facebook in their groups and other dropship groups.  Then ask yourself these questions. How do they interact with people? Are they kind? Will they be swayed by all the hype of making tons of money? Are they consistent in what they say do and promote? 

    Another tip you can do is research them on google. If they have any criminal background, you’ll find it there for sure! Depending on the criminal activity, this could be a dead give away if you need to stay away from that dropship coach. 


    results (1)

    Another thing to look at when researching dropship coaches and courses is to look at their results. However don’t get this mistaken with just results that they are posting of their own success. Look at their students. Are the students of their dropship courses producing good results? You can find those either by doing searches in the facebook groups, looking in comments, or even just simply asking what the results were of those who took that specific dropship course. 



    One very important thing you should look at is their personality. Are they relatable? Do you enjoy the information they talk and post about? Every dropship coach is completely different and so it’s very important that the one you choose to go with is one you actually like. If you don’t like them, how are you going to learn from them? 

    So who is the best dropship coach?

    So who out there has shown good integrity, has proven results, and is likable? Well likeable is based on personal preference so I’m telling you who I find likable.

    Thai Nguyen

    Thai Nguyen

    Thai is a great dropship coach. He gives TONS of information for FREE on his youtube channel. He also has a very active facebook group in which he gives lots of information and guidance to others who are working to be successful at dropshipping. If you are looking for information on how to dropship, that is free, Thai is your man to follow. 

    Paul Lipsky

    Paul Lipsky

    Paul is fantastic! I have personally spoken with him and he is one of the most honest dropship coaches I have had the pleasure of meeting. Not to mention if you look at his youtube channel, found here, you’ll see I’m not the only one who loves his coaching.

    Another metric you can look at is the amount of views and comments he receives on his videos.  People are very engaged with what he is posting and he is responsive to them and their questions. He does Q & A videos often and he even hosted his first dropship get together in New York City. He invited everyone to come and meet him, mingle and share with each other tricks and tips to being successful at dropshipping. There are not many coaches who take that time with their students and dedicate themselves to them like he has.

    Paul isn’t very active on facebook, but if you are a student of his, then you have private access to his coaching facebook group. 

    Freedom Financial Network (Sarwar)


    Sarwar is a very geniune guy. He tells it like it is but he also has compassion for people. His youtube channel and his content is centered around those who are from the UK because there are not many from there that are mentors or offer courses. So if you are in the UK, Sarwar is the one to be following! 

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    2 Responses

    1. Hey Jenny, Iove this article thanks for sharing. I just finished setting up my first Shopify store and currently looking to invest in a drop shipping course. I keep reading reviews about eCom Elites but can’t make up my mind because of the price. I understand it has a ton of value which I can kind of justify for the price but then again in this review, http://www.digitclicks.com/ecom-elites-review-the-only-drop-shipping-course-youll-ever-have-to-take/ they are saying it is great. Would love to get your opinion on it and is it something someone needs when first starting out. Thanks again for the tips. I’m on the fence if I should sign up or not.

      1. Hi Dylan! Thanks reading and commenting! I have never taken his course before so I did a quick search and it does seem to have good reviews. Also the price point is not bad either compared to so many others I have seen out there. It might be worth getting. Do a quick search on facebook as well and see if anyone has taken the course. If you are in any shopify groups, you could probably make a post and ask for advice from others who have taken the course as well to get their input on it, that way you are getting real time answers from people. If you do decide to get it, please make sure to come back and let us know your thoughts on it so others can benefit. 🙂

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