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Designing a Great Website to Attract New Customers

We are continuing to explore 7 proven Shopify Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales. Today we will be covering designing a website to attract customers. So far we have covered Loyalty Programs to Increase Sales and Social Media Integration. Today we will look at how designing a great website can attract new customers, therefore boosting your Shopify Sales.

A good website design is a must in today’s highly visual Shopify market. The way that your site looks can tell if a user wants to interact with your Shopify store or not. One glance at a Shopify site can either grasp someone’s attention or give them the feeling to exit out of your site. Wondering how to ensure your site is not the latter of the two? We have three ways to guarantee your Shopify store passes the test.

Designing a Great Website to Attract New Customers

Here are the things you should know:

First Impressions Matter

Humans today have the attention span of 5 seconds. That means that you have a mere 5 seconds to grasp the attention of your buyer.

It is crucial to make the first impression of your website appealing. The appeal factor depends on many things; the structure spacing, color, symmetry, fonts, amount of text, and the overall design appeal.

Your website is what helps establish credibility as a business. If your website is slow to upload, outdated, or has bad photos and graphics then the user is likely to think that your Shopify store is just as bad as the website.

Customers will provide you with a few seconds of their valuable time. What you choose to do within that 8 second gap of time is up to you.

Designing a Great Website to Attract New Customers

Not only does your website need to look the part, it also needs to play the part.

Customers in today’s market are very impatient. FAST, FAST, FAST, is the key to having a successful website.

According to a study done by the Aberdeen Group, it was found that “A 1-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions”


Put your call-to-action front and center

When customers first visit your Shopify site they should know immediately what to do. They should not have to wonder about the purpose of the page or how It might add value to them.

You can accomplish this by paying attention to two close details:

Detail 1: Make sure that the consumer knows exactly what you want them to do. Yes, it may sound like a good idea to offer your consumer several choices with hopes that they will pick atleast one, but having more then one option can actually reduce the engagement.

Detail 2: You should have a strong understanding of your consumers journey and know exactly what customers want to see when they arrive on your site. Since you know your  customers needs, you need to be able to directly tailor your website to that.

website call to action

End Words

In conclusion, the impact that your Shopify website has on your sales is one of the most impactful factors to increasing your Shopify sales.

Here are some links to some resources to get you started:

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