Dealing With Negative Feedback


Dealing With Negative Feedback

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    Negative feedback is part of life.

    Remember the student in school who would cry because they only got a 99% mark on their homework or tests? Meanwhile, most of us were relieved (if not ecstatic) to have merely passed.

    I witnessed one case where the math student insisted that he not be wrong. After going over the test, the teacher realized her answer sheet was, in fact, false and not the student. The student did get 100%.

    Realistically, most of us can’t expect to get a perfect score every time because well none of us are perfect! We will make mistakes and sometimes make them often.

    Unlike math, some subjects are more subjective in nature. In some issues, the answer to a question may not be merely black and white to answer. The teacher may be more relaxed in how they grade. The teacher may even adjust your grade based on if they like you or not.

    Dealing With Negative Feedback In Business

     Dealing With Negative Feedback

    Similarly, in business, you are not able to make every one of your customers happy.

    While drop shipping, you will not be able to satisfy everyone. Even if you have 100% positive feedback on your store right now, eventually you will receive negative feedback.

    Eventually, something will happen that could cause them to become unhappy with you. You might make a mistake, or sometimes the factors are beyond your control (such as a supplier put in the order slip), and this could result in a lousy feedback score.

    Occasionally, you may even get a customer whom you can not work with to make happy. If he leaves you negative feedback, sometimes all you can do is reply to it in a kind matter for others to see that you did try your best.

    Responding To Negative Feedback

     Dealing With Negative Feedback

    Sometimes, a customer has a legitimate complaint. Other times the customer has jumped the gun and hasn’t given you a fair chance to resolve matters. It is even possible that your customer is a sadist who takes delight in tormenting others.

    Regardless, you can choose to allow this to ruin your day or not. You have the choice to respond to their negative feedback in a positive matter or a negative one. Just remember that the decision you make has consequences. Be it good consequences or bad.

    When responding to negative feedback, keep in mind that its public. Others who are searching through your feedback scores will see the response that you make to your customers, and this can play a significant part on the effect that the negative feedback will have on you. Even if you have a few of them, if your response to them is kind mannered, gentle, and apologetic, it will tell the potential customers who are looking to do business with you, that you will try, and that that specific customer was, in fact, a difficult one.

    Next, you can also try to reach out to your customer. Offer them a discount on their next purchase in return for removing the negative feedback. Let them know that you want to do everything to make them happy because customer service is your top priority and that you did not mean for this purchase to go array. It’s a great way to show how apologetic you are and in turn, this can help reward you with another sale and potential long time buyer.

    Even if this tactic to remove negative feedback is not successful, at least you tried. Don’t let your pride stand in the way of trying to make peace with the customer and reversing any negative feedback.

    If the customer doesn’t agree, at least you’ve told your side of the story. Let your prospective customers decide if they want to do business with you or not.

    I like it when I see an eBay seller with a perfect feedback rating. Realistically, however, I realize that you can’t please everyone. Even if you did everything correctly, there are still people who are just not reasonable.

    Thus, even if a seller has some negative feedback if the majority of the buyers are pleased with him, and their responses to the negative ones are positive and gentle, most tend to look past the few unhappy remarks.

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