Copy Any Address Into Spot N Paste For Faster Ordering

Copy Any Address

Copy Any Address Into Spot N Paste For Faster Ordering

You can now copy any address from Etsy, Bonanza, Woocommerce or literally from anywhere online or offline into Spot N Paste with our cutting edge address parsing technology! We are now connected to Google Address API, so Spot N Paste can recognize any real address, no matter where you are copying it from. You can also override the automatic parsing to specify the parts of your address if you want to!

Here is the simple process to copy any address:

  • Select the address with the headings and copy it or press your assigned hot keys that you set up.  
  • Click on the Spot N Paste extension and hit the Copy Address From Clipboard button
  • Click on the Parse Address button and Spot N Paste will put everything exactly where it needs to be as well as remove unnecessary parts such as titles and extra spaces.

You can then use Spot N Paste to fill in your buyer addresses instantly in the appropriate fields in the supplier of your choice!

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