3 Great Content Marketing Strategies to Increase Shopify Sales

Dropship content marketing for shopify

3 Great Content Marketing Strategies to Increase Shopify Sales

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    This is our final post in our amazing series on 7 proven strategies to increase your Shopify sales.

    We have saved the best for last. Today we will be cover great content marketing strategies & how this will help you to increase your Shopify sales.

    According to the Content Marketing University, Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

     Great Content Marketing Strategies

    This can take on several different forms. You can use a blog, social media, podcase or even an e-book to disseminate this invaluable information to your customers.

    If you’re looking for a way to separate your online store from the competition you should consider writing a blog aimed at the type of customer that you’re selling products to.

     Great Content Marketing Strategies: What-is-Content-Marketing

    3 Reasons Great Content Marketing Will Increase Shopify Sales:

     Great Content Marketing Strategies: Content-Marketing-Benefits

    1. Great Content Builds Trust

    It was once location, location, location. It’s now trust, trust, trust. People love brands they trust. They’ll pay more money to get shoes from Zappos or Nordstrom because they trust that if they have a problem it’ll get taken care of.

    Small online boutiques on Shopify can earn the same amount of trust! Great writing in an online store allows a customer to interact with you and get to know your values. If you can write articles that are helpful, entertaining, or emotionally compelling to your customers you will gain trust.

    2. Great Content Builds Community

    If you can earn your customers trust and keep them coming back to learn from you, it will build a sense of community. What was once just a customer, will become a raving fan and one of your biggest advocates. When your customer becomes a loyal follower, your bottom line will see the impact.

    content marketing circle

    If you write something great that would appeal to your customers, they’re going to share it with their friends. For a hundred years Macy’s has put up elaborate Christmas displays in the windows after Thanksgiving. They do this to get people near their cash registers and to get people to talk about them—it seems to work pretty well. Content is similar. You will benefit when you can get people on to your domain and talking about you.

    3. Great Content Gets Found

    When you write content for your readers you end up using words that they’d be searching for if they’re looking for your product. If it’s really good content people are linking to it, sharing it, and reading it—Google pays attention, and they send folks who search for terms similar to what’s in your content to your site. Just think about how much Adwords costs—a good content marketing strategy can sometimes pay off just by displacing your dependence on paid search advertising.

    content marketing types

    End Words

    Content marketing can be an invaluable part of your increasing sales in your Shopify store. Want more tips tricks & tools? Visit our dropping shipping tools page, which is loaded with additional tips, tricks and tools, you are guaranteed to love.

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