Additional Features with Spot N Center

Spot N Center integration

Additional Features with Spot N Center

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    Spot N Paste Integration With  Spot N Center


    We have finally released our newest addition to the Spot N Paste platform – Spot N Center!

    Here are some amazing new features:

    • Keep track of your items
    • Keep track of where you have them listed
    • Keep track of where you purchase them from
    • use cashback sites, and more!

    Check out the in-depth documentation on Spot N Center here: Spot N Center

    To begin, you will need to link your Spot N Center API with Spot N Paste. It’s very simple – just copy the API key that is on the API page of Spot N Center and enter it into the Integrations tab that is in Spot N Paste settings.

    Once the API is connected, you can see the item retrieval buttons on your selling marketplace dashboards and the cashback buttons.

    Bulk Adding In Spot N Center


    Now you can add new items to your Spot N Center either one by one or by bulk.

    To bulk add items you will need to go to Add files tab then click on the New File button. You can then upload a CSV file if you have it ready or download a sample spreadsheet that you can download and use as a reference to upload back into Spot N Center for bulk adding.

    In the sample spreadsheet, we have entered a few items for you as an example. Please make sure that you delete these example entries, otherwise, they will get put into your grid. Put your entries from Row 2 and make sure to leave row 1 (the headings) as it tells Spot N Center where the correct information is to be placed in your Manage Items Tab.

    You need to put the name of your supplier in the supplier_item_name column. The supplier_link column is where you need to place the link that takes you directly to the item for you to purchase from your supplier. The item_id column is where you will place the link that takes you directly to the item for you to purchase from your supplier. And the marketplace column is where you are selling your item. If you are selling on eBay, put eBay in this column. 

    After you have added all of your items to the spreadsheet, make sure to save it as a CSV file and then upload it back into Spot N Center by clicking on the “Choose File” button. Once you are done, a grid will appear where you can look over what you are uploading and make any changes if needed.

    Single Adding In Spot N Center


    Now you can add new items to your Spot N Center either one by one or by bulk.

    To add a single item to your account, click on the add button and then filling out the required fields correctly.

    Make sure not to add duplicates when adding the items one by one. So, it’s best to search the item ID first to make sure it’s not already in your account. If it is, then you can simply edit the existing item.

    Editing Your Items In Spot N Center


    To edit your items, click on the edit button in the edit/delete column. When you have completed the edit, click on the update button.

    Supplier Syncing


    You can now save your programmed suppliers in Spot N Center to not have them not reset even after you do a Reset Store Data. If your supplier changes, you can also delete what you have saved, reprogram, and save them again!

    Before starting, program your suppliers and confirm that they work, then you can sync them to your Spot N Center. You can learn more about how to program suppliers here:  How to Program Your Supplier 

    Here are the steps to sync suppliers in Spot N Center:

    1. Open Spot N Paste and Click on the Settings wheel -> Suppliers -> Sync.
    2. Next proceed to log into Spot N Center.
    3. In Spot N Center, find your synced stores under the Stores tab.
    4. If your supplier has changed, you can delete it from here
    5. Program your new supplier to Spot N Paste to resync and save.

    With this feature enabled, you will no longer need to worry about your suppliers needing to be reprogrammed after hitting the Reset Store Data Button!

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