Black Friday: 6 Secrets To Get More Sales, Happier Customers & Fewer Headaches

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Black Friday

Black Friday: 6 Secrets To Get More Sales, Happier Customers & Fewer Headaches

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    Black Friday is that time of the year that can make or break your dropshipping career. Instead of sinking, learn to swim the waters of Black Friday with these handy strategies!

    Black Friday Is A Dropshippers’ Dreams Come True!

    Black Friday Drop ship

    Every dropshipper out there knows that the busiest time of the year is around the Christmas holidays, which kicks off with the Black Friday. This is when everyone must bring their A-game because if you start well, you have the advantage and you are going to end the season well too.

    You have to have a solid plan for the Black Friday, to the Cyber Monday. If only you are prepared well enough, you can succeed. The business world is a race, and if you are not competitive enough, you will be left trampled by those who are faster than you.

    So When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

    Drop shippers dream black friday

    Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving, then Cyber Monday is the encore. The customer craze is real during these times, and if you want to capitalize on it, you need to focus on three things:

    • More sales
    • Happier customers
    • Fewer headaches

    Let’s take a look at how these three objectives could be achieved!

    1. Focus On The Supply Chain!

    One of the most intense days of the year for dropshippers is the Black Friday when throes of customers come looking at your website for bargains. You must be ready to handle the huge traffic and spike in orders, and so must your supplier.

    It’s important to find a reliable supplier that does not leave you without merchandise during a sales peak. Keep an eye on your suppliers and ensure you’re prepared to handle the projected sales for the Black Friday Cyber Monday craziness.

    Keep in mind that you are not the only dropshipper looking to make money in Black Friday, so the suppliers are going to be swamped. You might sell a thousand of the products, but the supplier might not have them. The end result is a lot of angry customers and a damaged reputation of your shop.

    2. Make Your Products Desirable!

    The products you usually sell does not have to be what you also sell on Black Friday Cyber Monday. Dropshipping means you can branch into new markets in a flash, so it’s always worth being flexible in case you spot an opportunity. Explore your options!

    On a more serious note, you should scrutinize your categories and product listings to make sure they’re up to date. Adding Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the product descriptions can also go a long way to attracting your customers. You can also use terms like ‘Limited Time Only’, ‘Only A Few Left’ and ‘Selling Out Fast’ to instill a sense of urgency in the customers!

    black friday shopping

    3. Be Creative With The Discounts!

    Without creative discounts, you are not going to get many sales in the bargain hunting day. However, it does not mean that you have to cut prices too much. With a little bit of creativity, your products could be desirable even without a huge discount!

    You can offer a free gift with your products as a little sweetener, offer the special discount on buying multiple products, or go to the extreme by offering eye-catching discounts of 80% on a single item to drive traffic to your website. It is the time to let your imaginations go wild!

    4. Improve The Shopping Experience

    Some small touches to your website can improve the user experience a lot. You can add a countdown timer, which helps a lot to get your customers excited! You can also just change the text in your website to special Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount if you already have a sale. You can also make sure you are ready for cross-selling and upselling!

    Make sure you do a thorough test of your website before the anticipated day arrives. The more prepared you are, the better results you will get!

    Use Spot N Paste on Black Friday

    5. Have A Plan To Scale Up!

    If you do not have a plan for scaling, you might not end up making more than a few hundred dollars on the Black Friday. When you hear the stories of dropshippers selling 1000s of products in one day, it is because they had a great strategy to how to attract customers to their website, sell their products and then ensure the delivery of all those orders.

    6. Use good software that can handle the increased productivity

    Fulfilling thousands of orders could be a huge and time-consuming task, but you could take the help of useful software like Spot N Paste to automate your fulfillment process, save time and energy and focus more on other productive tasks. In short, planning your Black Friday sales strategy in advance is the ultimate secret of your dropshipping success.

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