Are You Advertising If so, It Will Be Part of Your Branding Strategy

Are You Advertising?

When it comes to online marketing, many business owners want to do everything organically. However, in today’s very crowded markets, you’ll get known faster if you understand that advertising, paying for marketing, is also part of your branding strategy. 

Types of Ads to Run

When it comes to running ads on social media, you can run ads to build awareness, or you can run ads to try to make direct sales of your products. Most people want to run ads to their product because the return on investment is more obvious. For example, the ad cost $1000 and brought in 10,000 dollars, on a product priced at $100, the ROI is $9000. However, for many product creators and marketers, this is not the best use of your advertising dollars when it comes to branding.

Brand Awareness Ads

Are You Advertising If so, It Will Be Part of Your Branding Strategy

The type of advertising we will focus on here is creating brand awareness faster through well-branded advertising. Your return on investment is a lot harder to measure when it comes to building your brand awareness through advertising, but there are ways to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. You can create a freebie download, use remarketing, and other methods to make the most of brand awareness advertising. 

Reasons to Run Awareness Ads

You can use paid ads to change the perception of your brand, encourage specific behavior from your customers, inspire brand advocates to talk about your products and services, and to get your brand something your audience is thinking about more often. You can also use advertising to prevent brand dilution by your competitors.

Your Ideal Customer is First

The best way to accomplish this is to consider your ideal customers’ buyer journey when you create an advertisement. Do they need information about their problems, or are they at the stage they’re ready to compare solutions? The type of content you create for the ad will be informed by your ideal customer, and it’ll help you build your list.

Types of Content to Promote

Are You Advertising If so, It Will Be Part of Your Branding Strategy

You may want to promote a YouTube video trailer you have created, or share a video of customer testimonials, and offer a free download such as a checklist or something your audience can use easily. Yes, ensure that your download is also branded so that they know even a year later who they got it from. 

Running paid ads to increase brand awareness is a very efficient and effective use of paid ads for most online businesses whether you sell information, physical products, or a service. It helps build your email list and makes them familiar faster with your brand’s message. After all, most people aren’t going to buy your product the first time they’re exposed to it, so using brand-awareness paid ads to get the word out about your business is a very effective way of speeding up the branding process in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

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