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When you use the Spot N Paste extension, a convenient copy button will appear under the Order column for each order. Our extension also displays the customer shipping details in the Order column next to it, saving you an extra step!

So instead of having to copy the first name, last name, primary address, city, state, zip and phone manually, the copy button does it all in one click! Then you can just change the tab and with another click of a button, paste it all into the supplier of your choice.

You can also pre-program Spot N Paste to paste an email and phone of your choice to avoid any order information being sent to your customer from your supplier. Spot N Paste also supports hotkeys for pasting. Just program the extension through the settings in your chrome browser, and you are all set to use those!

Add A Seller Note Stating That You Have Ordered The Item

Spot N Paste now supports marking a note as Ordered on both of eBay’s old and new dashboards, as well as on Amazon Seller Central. Our extension conveniently displays an Add Note: Ordered button on these dashboards, making adding notes as quick as a button click!

Moreover, on Amazon Seller Central, if you added a note to an order, you couldn’t see it unless you opened the order details. But, we have added a nifty feature to Spot N Paste to show the notes directly in the dashboard! Even if you add a custom note to the orders, you can now see them right from your dashboard – no need to open the order details every time!

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Copy And Paste From OAGenius For Amazon Sellers

Spot N Paste now features seamless integration with OAGenius for Amazon drop shippers. Designed to make the experience friction-free, Spot N Paste will help you automate the tedious task of copying and pasting a buyer’s shipping address from your dropship orders to the supplier checkout, cutting down the processing time within your orders significantly.

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Use Spot N Paste with WebScraperApp

Spot N Paste’s newest integration with WebScraperApp lets you speed up the order fulfillment process exponentially. Our smart extension is capable of automating the copy-pasting of a buyer’s shipping address to the supplier checkout with a mouse click.

WebScraperApp only displays the buyer name, forcing you to click on the Update link every time to grab the recipient’s address. But with Spot N Paste, you can now see the address right from the dashboard. Our extension will also display a convenient Copy button beneath the shipping address, saving you the hassle of manually selecting and copying it!

Moreover, if there is an active supplier item linked to it, whenever you hit the Copy button, our software will open the item on the supplier website right away as well as copy the address at the same time. You will be able to add the item to the cart and paste the address checkout with a single click without having to go back and forth to copy the address!



Use Spot N Paste To Paste Your Addresses To Spreadsheets Or Documents

Spot N Paste injects a copy button on the Amazon seller dashboard that allows you to copy a complete shipping address as one block of text and paste to any spreadsheets, or documents as you need it. With one click, you can also paste it into the correct fields on your supplier’s checkout page, or even at your carriers label page.

When pasting into a spreadsheet, make sure to double click on the cell to paste the full address in that single cell. Otherwise, the addresses will get pasted into separate rows.

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