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Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropshipping on Amazon is never an easy task. You will have to face intense competition and hard-to-please customers every day.  And so, here are some vital pointers that will help you face the inconveniences in selling your products, promote the growth of your business as well as build your brand and your customer service reputation.

What Is Dropshipping?


In layman’s terms, dropshipping is the business model where you do not carry inventory or ship the goods. The product is manufactured, the inventory is maintained and the shipping of the goods to the customer is handled by the supplier. You are also free to set your own prices.

How Dropshipping On Amazon Works?

1. Know Your customers


To become successful, you have to identify what your customer needs are, and then find products that fulfil those needs. So, before jumping dropshipping on Amazon, make sure you know exactly who you are selling to.


2. Choose your product with utmost care

A good rule of thumb for dropshipping on Amazon is to sell unique products or items that are not readily available. With good market research, you will know what your customers want. Offer your buyers products that are not easily available in their vicinity, and you will find your business booming.

3. Ensure Tempting pricing and bundling

In most cases, the price is one of the biggest factors that decide whether or not someone makes a purchase. Consequently, you need to know what prices you’re competing against, and how to list products at a competitive price. You can also combine products to create a unique item, such as a set of kitchen knives bundled together with a knife sharpener. By creating a bundle of different items, all of which are usually sold separately, you can create a unique item that will attract more customers!

4. Use Professional images

Use a white or a plain background so that your item can be easily noticed. You should keep your images fresh and up to date. Because, having quality pictures makes you appear as a more professional, and trustworthy seller.

5. Describe your products accurately

This might seem kids stuff, but if there is even the slightest difference between the product you are delivering and what you describe in your description, customers will notice. This will cause customer dissatisfaction and negative feedback. It could even lead to suspension of your account.

6. Keep communication with suppliers open

Choosing a reliable supplier is very important, as your shop depends on their quality and service. Keeping communication with the supplier on inventory levels is also vital when you are expecting a large spike in the volume of orders. A great way to do that would be to use an inventory management software. OAGenius  or Sku Grid are both great options for that. 

7. Use the available tools to boost your productivity

When you fulfil orders, you are spending a long time on them. So, to save your precious time, as well as for getting rid of those annoying errors in copy-pasting while fulfilling orders, you can take help of Spot n Paste.

Spot n Paste helps you copy the customer information from Shopify with just one click and paste into any supplier. It is already integrated with over 30 suppliers and you can also program it to work with any supplier you want!

In short, Spot n Paste augments your experience while dropshipping on Amazon. It helps you save time and avoid errors while placing orders, which in turn, is helping you reach your dropshipping goals with speed and efficiency.

Want to learn more about Spot N paste?

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