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Dropship product promotions

Jenny Sponton

5 Secrets to Promoting Your Product

As we continue in our blog series on business strategies that work, today we will cover how to promote your product.

For those of you thinking of creating a product to sell, or already have one on the market, promotion is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

5 secrets to promote your product like a pro:

Dropship product promotions

1. Create a Tagline

Create a creative and catchy tagline to describe your product. A tagline or slogan will help people to remember your product. This will differentiate your product from your competitors, especially in a saturated market.

Dropship product promotions

2. Explain Your Product

Making sure that consumers know what your product does is of utmost importance. Sometimes this can be difficult to remember as creators, as we are so close to the product that we know it inside or out. Ensuring that someone who has no prior experience with your product can easily distinguish its use and function will be critical to gaining the sale.

Dropship product promotions

3. State what Your Product is Not

Along with highlight what your product is, make sure to explain what your product is not. This can be very powerful in distinguishing your product from those like yours. This statement can also be a great promotional tool.

Dropship product promotions

4. Sell the Solution your Product Provides

The most powerful promotional statement you can make is clearly naming the problem that your product will solve for the consumer. People purchase items that will somehow benefit them, make their life easier or deliver a level of convenience. Identify what your product does that could solve a dilemma in your customers life.

Dropship product promotions

5. state what Makes your product unique

The competition nowadays is fierce for all products in the marketplace. Make sure that your customers know why they should purchase your product over the competition. Do you offer a warranty? Do you have great customer service? Do you have a return policy? These are all things that could persuade your customer to purchase your product instead of another.

Dropship product promotions

End Words

The ability to look at your product from the view of a consumer, will greatly help you in answering these questions. Once you can lay out this information in a way that is easy to understand, you will inadvertently walk your customer through the decision-making journey necessary to land the sale.

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